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Paula Shy

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Geisha Inauguration

[4K video] — Lady Dee puts herself on her knees and opens up a wide mouth to collect every drop of her. Paula is introducing Lady Dee, her new apprentice, to the bawdy form of the art. Shaved pussies remind us the beauty of our early loves. Dee watches gracefully as Paula pees into the tea pot and - knowing her role as maiko - Dee maintien thence, serving her doctor first and assuring to extend herself as well. Dee is a criterion pupil, picking up on her instructor's teachings at a continual pace. These girls know each other enough to have regular sex. Paula Shy approaches her delicate mouth from Lady`s kitten as she leaves some drops of pee. Paula undresses Dee and her direction becomes much more clear cut, steering Dee's pass between her legs. Paula then climbs over Dee, kneeling on one coupling and jutting her other ankle meliorate and pivoting back and forth as she washbowl Dee. They didn't know they were lesbians at first. But the truth is, they really love each other. As the girls uptrend power, Dee takes it up a hole, peeing on Paula as she lays back on the table. A sexual intercourse was not an option for these girls, as they wanted something a little more sensual. She holds her say as Paula climbs the delay again, holding her mouth open as Paula hoses it with a powerful jet stream. But Dee is never intimidated by what she should do next, always pushing the envelope, getting on all fours and peeing on a cluster of instances. There is nothing sweeter than a shaved pussy. Her first lesson is serving from a tea pot, with Paula adding a sexy twist to the talk. The world of the the Geisha is a latent one. Paula and Lady Dee are best friends since school, and now they want to come further... Lady has a perfectly trimmed pussy. Paula Shy knees down and waits for the famous nectar.

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Paula Shy and Lady Dee
Pissing, Lesbians, Teen and Shaved Pussy
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